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You make great parents, though. This is a volatile match! You both need a lot of attention, and tend to pout if you don't get it -- so you'll need to trade off making the other person feel special. Passions run high, which is great for sex, but take care you don't say or do something in the heat of a fight that fatally damages the relationship.

Mutual respect is the key to this union. If you're both dedicated to the higher goals of health and service, this could be a match made in heaven. Just don't try to improve the other person or criticize their behavior -- which kills the passion. Overanalyzing the relationship can also make it wither on the vine.

Plant a garden or do yoga together and you'll bring out the best in each other. This can be a lovely union -- you're both attuned to pleasing the other person and cultivating balance and fairness.

Your Zodiac Sign's Compatibility for Marriage - WeddingWire

The danger, though, is that you'll stay too superficial -- projecting a beautiful image of love while resentments seethe below the surface. You'll have to be willing to rock the boat a bit so this match can come into its full potential. Passion, danger, intrigue Maybe too much so. Trust is the crucial ingredient that makes this match work.

If one or both partners are suspicious or jealous, you're in for a rocky ride.

It's essential to share your deepest feelings in this union, but don't bonk the other person over the head with them, or you'll spur resentment. Here's a fun match! You'll be kayaking and motorcycling together to your hearts' content. Your strong opinions can lead to spirited discussions, but you're both okay with that.

Love and Compatibility for February 23 Zodiac

Real trouble looms when one of you wants a commitment and the other prefers to stay footloose. A higher spiritual purpose can keep you together.

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You might not think this would be a great romantic match, since both of you are hard-headed realists. Yet that very practical nature lets you appreciate who the other person really is, devoid of illusions. You can be yourself in this relationship. Just don't let your worldly ambitions or need for status take precedence over a nurturing home life. Aquarians are very open-minded, and can tolerate or even enjoy!

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And, you make the best of friends. However, the emotional realm is not your forte -- so you both may shy away from declaring your feelings and taking things into deeper waters.

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Runner ups? Cancers and Virgos. The bull stands right behind Virgo's routine," says Mesa. Seems odd, as these signs are polar opposites , but Sagittarius might be super interested in Gemini's nature. Pisces is headed your way Cancer, so be ready. So, they can actually make a good team, in the long run. Aries in particular is feeling Leo's vibes and might be interested in getting to know Leo on a deeper level, says Mesa. Aquarius and Sagittarius are also most interested in Leo's traits, as well. Plus, you'll enjoy the attention.

According to Mesa, Scorpio is looking for you, Virgo. And, it's actually a good match, so that initial attraction might work out well. Other signs: Pisces and Capricorn are also feeling you, Mesa tells Bustle. Aries is also most interested in you Libra, so there's no denying the compatibility aspect there. Other signs that like Libra? Gemini and Taurus.

February 23 Zodiac is Pisces - Full Horoscope Personality

Virgo is also most interested in Scorpio, making their match a win-win. And, Scorpio has a bunch of other signs seeking attention. Taurus and Cancer are also fascinated by Scorpio's nature.

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Good to know for you Sag, Gemini is also invested in getting to know you, as there's a natural attraction on both sides. So, it might be worth exploring a bit and giving the relationship a shot. Basically as Gemini is the sign of twins, there's that fun, mystical side that is interested in Sagittarius' spontaneous and playful nature, Mesa says.

Other signs attracted to Sagittarius: Aries and Leo. Taurus is looking your way, Cap. As Taurus values stability and money, Capricorn's determination and work ethic can really appeal to Taurus, says Mesa. Other signs that are drawn to Capricorn? Cancer and Virgo.

Capricorn's business-oriented nature might be intriguing to these warmer, more emotional signs, says Mesa. Gemini is most likely to be drawn to Aquarius' free-spirited and mysterious nature, as the sign of the twins has that wild side, too. Other signs that like Aquarius? Leo and Pisces , says Mesa.